Shopping Date

I had forgotten how easy it is to shop with a newborn :)
Paul kept Judah this evening while I ran out to pick up some scrapbooking supplies and some food. Wesley hung out quite contentedly in his wrap - he didn't get heavy, didn't fuss for anything on the shelf, didn't try to play tag down a long aisle and didn't think I took too long trying to decide exactly which color paper to buy.
He was just easy.
Not that Judah is really bad to take shopping, he's actually quite delightful. But Wesley, in his newborn simplicity, is definitely easier.

I just love how a newborn has the ability to put a smile on anyones face.
My favorite tonight was this old Asian man who worked at Walmart. He stopped to help me because he thought I was pregnant (Wesley was tucked in that wrap good!) and this nice man didn't want me bending over! I told him it was a baby and showed him Wesley's face. This man was tickled pink over the baby. There is no other word that could describe him better. He was simply tickled pink.
He oohh-ed and ahh-ed over Wesley. And when I checked out he happened to walk by me and told the cashier how he'd "met" me and thought I was pregnant and made her look at Wesley. He was a sweet old man. I am looking for tips from fellow mommy's who have had babies with "lizard skin."

Wesley's skin is peeling and it's quite yucky. Having never had this with Judah I don't know what to do! Any great product to rub on his skin? Or is it best to just wait out this "shedding"? Thanks! :)


brandy said...

bathing helped Isabel out alot. And lotion afterwards. I started with a very mild Aveda lotion but am using Coconut oil now and it's helping too.

She's almost all done 'molting' as we are calling it :)

Sandy said...

It'll go away soon. Gently scrubbing while he's in the bath, and some VERY gentle lotion. I prefer aveeno.
Brandy's advice is great too!

Anonymous said...

gently scrub with a wash cloth and then immediately put lotion on! we use baby aveeno ( i love it! i even use it!) but doctors have told me the best thing to use is olive oil! i never tired it. but jack has skin "issuses" so we've tried alot of stuff. -ashleigh

Bethany said...

I loved taking Josh out shopping when he was a newborn...I loved all the attention he got from everyone. I basked in new mommy-hood... Little babies are so great.

I took Josh out in a sling when he was three weeks old, and he got SO heavy! How do you do it?

Fire Hunt said...

Baby aveeno is good and it works.

Jen said...

What cute story, sorry I dont have any advice to offer :/

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