The 4th

~What long toes you have!~

The 4th is over now, but I hope everyone had a good holiday!
The four of us and a friend went to see fireworks - Judah had been to a couple firework shows before but he had slept through them before. He was really cute this evening tho - he very bravely sat on Paul's lap and watched them. He would alternate between putting Paul's hands over his ears and then over his eyes. And then he would point at them in wonderment.
Wesley stayed in his wrap and nursed and slept through the entire show.

On the way home Wesley started fussing and Judah started 'singing' to Wesley. It was so sweet! Judah has grown more and more affectionate towards his brother. Today he must've come up to Wesley nearly a dozen times just to kiss him somewhere on his face. His favorite place to kiss seems to be Wesley's little nose :)

Judah has said his first sentence - "Jesus loves me." He said it on Tuesday in a sing-songy voice after I had sung those three words to him. But then today he said them all on his own without having been prompted. So very sweet.


Essie said...

Aw! My nephews are so sweet... I'm dying to see them!!!

Stacy said...

Such a cutie! Congratulations.

Bethany said...

Wesley is gorgeous! And what a wonderful first sentence for Judah... I'm hoping that Josh will be able to sing "Jesus loves me" by the time he's two :) I sing it to him all the time now.

The Rock Chick said...

What a sweet story! Isn't it awesome how the kids bond like they do? My kids were a little hesitant with a new sibling for a day or so and then BAM, it's like they just fall in love.

Judah is brave for the fireworks! Wow. I still can't get my 14 year old to go! LOL

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