We have new teeth coming in, which is making for some restless nights for all in the household!
I am so glad to have my mum here while Judah goes through this and Wesley is still going through his 24/7 nursing addiction. :)

Judah & His Grandma
Judah & His Momma
Wesley getting his nose picked, courtesy of Big Brother

Wesley's belly button makes me laugh. Second only to his eyes, it's Judah's favorite thing to poke! The little man with new teeth.


Bethany said...

How many teeth does he have now? I see a molar back there! Josh has done okay so far. His first eight haven't bothered him too much. I wonder how it'll be with his incisors and molars... Yikes!

Jeanie said...

Judah looks like a little "Magnum P.I."** in that last picture!

Wesley is so darn cute, Jess!

**I know that's before your time, Jess. Just trust me on this one.

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