Then There Were Four

Minutes old and bonding with daddy.

Getting comfy in our new room at the hospital.

Wide eyed

Making faces.

First picture with my boys - Judah was too tired to care much about his brother then.
First family picture.

Judah with the treats Wesley brought home from the hospital.



The Rock Chick said...

I'm all teary eyed because I'm so happy for you guys!!! I can tell Judah is going to make a great big brother. Great pics! Thanks for sharing them so quickly!!!!

Hugs to all of you!

CappuccinoLife said...

Aww. Wesley is such a handsome little fellow. Look at all that hair!

And Judah looks positively cherubic. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats! isnt amazing how much you can love your children?!!? i hope wesley brings your family as much love and happiness as emily did to ours!! love ashleigh, rob, jack & emily

Bethany said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! What a beautiful family! Seeing the boys together is just precious.

Becki said...

Awwww! Look at all that dark hair!

Jen said...

Aww!! So precious!! I love all the pics thanks for sharing them with us.

Nicole said...

Adorable! Your boys have so much hair! I love it!

Have fun with your new baby boy Jess and Paul!

Crystal said...

Very cute. :)

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