We were adventurous today and made a lot of yummy food! :)
Mum made the dough for Homemade Pita Pockets and then for supper we had Sliced Steak Gyros on fresh-from-the-oven pita. So yummy!

Then Paul and I made our version of Crystal's Husband's Favorite Meal. We didn't have all the right meat - we used turkey, ham and pepperoni - and then we used grated Mexican mix cheese, since that is what we had on hand! And then basil pesto and pita bread dough. They turned out quite yummy. Paul actually ate an entire loaf! Not sure how he managed that. He ate four gyros at supper! But he did. And then the second one is in the freezer, ready to be heated up on some lazy day when we don't feel like cooking :)

My favorite thing though is what is suppose to be tomorrow nights supper - Falafel (pictured at top.) Last night mum and I ate an entire mix of it - and I could've eaten more! - and at $4 a box I decided I should figure out how to make it myself or it could be an expensive addiction!
So figure it out I did, and I made about 45 of these for tomorrow nights supper - or at least they are mixed up and shaped, they will be fried tomorrow. But I needed to sample them, so we all ate a couple of these. YUMMY! They are better than the ones from the mix yesterday.
I recommend trying them out! They are easy to make and yummy to eat. And you can make them healthier for you if you just bake them instead of frying. I haven't tried baking them, but tomorrow I may.

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Crystal said...

I'm glad you liked the stromboli, though the only similarity is the ham and pesto. LOL :) I think next time I'm going to do some with chicken cheese and broccoli for a sort of more healthy version.

I'm so lame. I made a HUGE batch of chocolate chip cookies the other day and just used the recipe in my KitchenAid booklet, forgetting that I had wanted to try Paul's the next time I made them.

I've never made falafel, but I want to. I love chickpeas. They make great veggie burgers.

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