I Need You

I need your help! Or your tech savvy spouse, sibling, parent or friend =)
My laptop fell a few weeks ago - it was closed and fell about two feet. Ever since then it has been stiff to open and close, but it would open and close.
Today it made a *crack* noise and when I looked at it this is what I saw:

This is what is suppose to look like:
And this is the view from the inside:

And what the inside is suppose to look like:

So, any thoughts on how to fix it, if it can be fixed, what it will cost to fix and any other relevant information? Thanks SO much!

Oh, and I do dust my computer. For some reason invisible dust showed up when I took the picture.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica!
Hubby asked if the computer still works okay? Assuming that it does he would say that unless you wanted to get it fixed to not bother.

That little guy of yours is absolutely adorable!


Jessica Morris said...

Yes, it does still work!

Thanks for asking your hubby :)
Could opening and closing it do more damage? Should I just leave it open all the time?

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

I agree, as long as it works, leave it! LOL but unfortunately I have almost NO experience with laptops. I just got my very first one last school year, LOL

Jen said...

Since its working I would leave it but be cautious and careful about that wire in the back.

Amy said...

You have the same computer I do and I also dropped mine and it broke in the exact same spot! Weird. I went with the well it's working so just leave it kind of thinking and it didn't take long before it wore through the wire and then my screen had all kinds of funky colors on it. I was lucky enough to have warranty on it and they did repair it, I was without my laptop for like six weeks though! Hopefully you have some type of warranty or protection plan. Good luck :)

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