Toilet Training... not for me

To answer a comment a friend left on an earlier post, yes, my mum is here visiting :) She flew in last Tuesday. Last Tuesday at 11:45 pm. But she thought she was booking it to arrive at 11:45 am. :) She makes me laugh. With her. Not at her. Never laugh at your mother.

So my mum has been here for almost a week and she is here for almost two more weeks! I am spoiled. In fact I'm beyond spoiled. My dad is coming down the end of this month with one of my brothers and my sister. They'll stay a couple of days, then dad, brother and mum will drive home and my sister will stay until the end of August. The end of August folks! I will have someone to help me balance grocery shopping with two littles until the end of August!

It's quite sad thinking about going grocery shopping by myself. My baby will be two months old before I'm forced to tackle that chore on my own. The thought terrifies me. And then to top it off I have people asking when I am going to start toilet training Judah.
Tell me dear bloggy friends - can you imagine going grocery shopping with an infant and a learning-to-potty-train 18 month old? I'd have to carry a bucket and mop along with me. And extra diapers. And clothes. And a paper bag. The paper bag would be to cover my own head, as I'm sure I'd feel embarrassed beyond belief.

I know lots of super moms have mastered the grocery shopping with two dilemma before. And the super-duper moms have master grocery shopping with one toilet training kiddo in tow. I am not super mom.
Don't even come close.

Judah will be in diapers until he is old enough to stay home from the grocery store by himself. So to those who wonder when toilet training will start - in twelve years. Unless you want to watch the toilet-trainee while I grocery shop :)


Rebecca said...

Hey Jessica,
I'm glad you have help from your family! Living so far away must be hard at times but they sound great and supportive. I know when I used to go places with Aaron when he was potty training he would have an occasional accident- I got out of there as fast as I could without looking back!! Anyways- I think you must be an amazing mom, I'm blown away by your posts! You seem like a natural at parenting and I really admire you.

Rebecca (from PCS)

Crystal said...

I'm not sure what makes you more brave... the fact that eventually you will be grocery shopping with a toddler and an infant, or the fact that you're having company for SO LONG.

I'd go nuts either way, I think! lol ;)

The Rock Chick said...

You figure out ways to do things. I will tell you that going from one kid to two kids is the hardest adjustment. I'd also forget the potty training when you go out. I could never get my kids fully trained until they were almost 3 (two even at 3 1/2) and it is impossible to get to a bathroom in time when they are that small.

When I went grocery shopping, I put all four of my kids in one cart and pushed them and dragged the cart of groceries behind me. It was a workout, but I did it!!

You'll find ways that work for you, I promise!!!

Crazy Essie :) said...

So, I've potty trained 5 kids at the daycare... I'll potty train the little dude for you ;) Or at least I'll try :)

Anonymous said...

i was soo scared to leave the house when emily was born, but i go out all the time now!!!! you get the hang of it and the only way to figure it out is to do it! good luck! -ashleigh

Bethany said...

This post made me laugh... How excited you must be to have your sister for that long. I would love to have my sister that long, even if she lives only ten minutes away now. And I'd love to see you take Judah out in diapers when he is twelve. The thought is just too hilarious!

Donna said...

Pull-ups, dear friend. Pull-ups. If you want to work on potty training now, do it at home. And put on the pull up when you go out. It'll save you sanity. I promise. :D

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