Here Fishy, Fishy, Fish

We are fish-sitting for a couple of weeks and Judah adores watching the fish swimming around :) He made an attempt to comb the fish, but the fish was rescued in time.

Today he started the funniest thing - he knows he is not allowed to touch the baby swing and that if he does he will get a swat on the hand for touching it. Today he decided to put that to the test and touched it over and over again. Each time I would get up and tell him he had disobeyed and he was going to be disciplined for touching.
Almost every time he would look at me and say in his sing songy voice; "Jesus loves."

I don't think he knows what it means. But he knows I think it's sweet that he says it :) I had a hard time not laughing at him every time he said it!
But he also now knows that it won't get him out of spankings.
And he is learning a new line - "Jesus loves it when we obey mommy."

Today was Paul's first day back at work. We missed him! After three weeks off of work (two due to his appendicitis, one for Wesley) Judah and I were quite spoiled with having him to hang out with and talk to and share in the diaper duty!

Wesley is so far a pretty laid back little guy. He eats and sleeps and puts up with his brother sucking on his nose. I can't believe he's already over a week old!! I love these newborn days!


Fire Hunt said...

Good post!

Bethany said...

What a sweet little guy - he resembles Judah's baby pics in the last one you posted at the end. So cute!! Judah cracks me up!

Crystal said...

Our neighbor friends have a little son (2 or 3, I forget) that is such a cutie pie and such a little flirt. When he's doing something he shouldn't, he says in a sweet voice, "I smiiiiiile at youuuuuu!" What a little charmer. :) Such a fun age!

Di said...

Both of your boys are gorgeous! And Judah is a hoot!!

mel said...

Oh he is SO cute. What a pretty family you have!

I love that Judah tries to get out of the hand swat by singing. That cracks me up, and reminds me of something I would do. =)

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