Take Three

Getting a nice family picture is super hard.
Super, duper hard.

Especially when there is no one there to take the picture and you have to run to make it into the picture before the self timer takes the picture.
Then of course there is the matter of not being able to see what the subjects in the picture are doing .
Like Judah falling off my shoulder. Or Judah poking his brother in the eye.

I have cartoon-ed the pictures. Because I think it looks cool. And because I think Paul's leg hair looks super funky cartooned. And it makes Judah's hair look like spaghetti.

Wesley's eye did survive the photo shoot. And all other parts of his body are present and accounted for.


Nicole said...

LOL I love these!

Bethany said...

That is hilarious! (The eye poke picture.) And you guys make the cutest family.

Bethany said...

That eye-poke picture is priceless. I think it's much funnier than if it had turned out like you originally planned!! Very cool pics - so sweet and fun.

Di said...

Those are priceless!!! I especially love the one with Judah poking his brother's eye!

Jen said...

I love the awesome pics! ^_^

The Rock Chick said...

Great pics! The eye poke one is priceless! I love this cartoon effect, too!!! Every year I make a book of all my favorite pics of the family and kids and give one to my parents and grandparents for Christmas. Last year, I used this cartoon effect on all the pics just for something a little different and the whole book came out soooooo cool!!!

You guys are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

those are cool! The baby is beautiful!!

Crystal said...

Love the eye poke! (Though I'm not so sure Wesley feels the same.)

So cute. :)

Pati said...

The eye poke picture will go down in history I'm sure. My fav is the totem pole though. That's awesome timing for a self timed photo! Wowzers!

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