Yard Sale Finds

One of the things I love about living in the South is that yard sale season lasts foreeeeever!

A friend and I went to two yard sales this morning - one being hosted at a school and the other being hosted at a church. While it is sometimes hard to work up the motivation to take two little boys out on a Saturday morning to yard sales it is almost impossible to pass up church or school hosted sales - there is generally a huge selection and the prices can not be beat! Especially when you get there near the end of the sales, which we did today!

At the school sale the lady told my friend and I she would take a "bundle" price of $10 for everything we had picked out - that was a steal!! I had about 20 pieces of clothing plus other items.
We each paid $5 and here are some of the other items I got:

A large wooden firetruck - Judah is playing with it now but once he goes to bed I will put it away and it will be a Christmas gift.

A brand new-with-tags Steve Madden clutch - it is so cute!! And has a $55 price tag still on it!! It was originally only .50 cents and I cannot believe it was still there so late in the morning!!

While the purse was the most exciting price-point wise this locket has to be one of my favorite finds. I have been looking for a locket JUST like this for a couple weeks now - I've seen a few nice ones online but had a hard time spending the money on one without seeing it first. I had looked through several department stores for a locket and hadn't found anything like what I was looking for.
As silly as it sounds, I prayed about it and that I could find the perfect locket and I did for pennies. It's one of those simple little things that makes me fall more in love with my awesome God - a simple thing and yet profound. Like the Birthday Boots.

Moving on to the church sale - it was a consignment sale so the prices were a bit higher or yard sale prices, but still good :)

I bought this magnetic/wooden Melissa and Doug chore chart for $3 - I have it all set up and ready to start using with Judah tomorrow.

Have you seen this movie yet? Paul and I love it. It was on our "to own" list and when they had it there for $3 I couldn't pass it up.

1 dozen toddler socks - $3
I marvel at the fact that people can come up with 1 dozen matching, clean, un-hole-y toddler socks to resell. My boys both have an odd fascination with socks and are often seen wearing them on their feet and hands around our house. And about 80% of the time they have mismatched socks on under their shoes.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, looks like some great stuff - God is good and nothing is too small to ask for help. Doesn't sound silly at all!


Anonymous said...

Great finds. Funny how no prayer is too small or trivial for God.

I laughed when I saw your comment about the socks. Our preschool son is crazy about socks and gets real excited when grandma and grandpa send him new ones. Wonder if the baby is going to turn out that way?

We started doing some Christmas shopping online this year. We found a retro site with clothes for toddlers and babies.


Really different stuff.

Thanks for the info. We like the second-hand stores also.


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