Creative Ways to Use Cinnamon Sticks

Five things to do with cinnamon sticks:

Two weeks ago I discovered 6 oz bags of food-grade cinnamon sticks at the Dollar Tree. From the quick search I did online I think that is a pretty cheap price for cinnamon.
I bought three bags and have been having fun incorporating them into fall decor for our home.

1. I tied a small group of them together and added some fall leaves. It's currently on our mantle, but I think it would look charming to make lots of these up and place at each place setting for a dinner party or to use on top of a gift wrapped in brown paper.

2. I placed several sticks in a glass jar and set it on my kitchen window sill. So simple and pretty.

3. By default we exclusively use a French Press for our coffee - our second coffee maker in five years died a couple months ago! I have been using about a third of a stick of cinnamon in each pot of coffee that I make. I simply place the cinnamon stick on top of the ground coffee and then add the water and it adds a deliciously subtle cinnamon flavor. This would work just as well with a regular coffee maker.

4. I glued cinnamon sticks - cut in various heights - around a brown candle. I attempted to use double sided tape first as I am all for the quick and easy... but I discovered white glue IS the quick and easy way!! I added a little bit of fall flair around the candle to give it a bit more class.
The candle was also bought at the Dollar Tree.

5. This is my favorite way to use cinnamon - place it in a pot of water and let it simmer all.day.long. I have done it with orange peels (as seen in the above image) but I prefer using just the cinnamon stick as I just turn it off in the evening and start the simmering again the next day. (With simmering fruit you need to clean it all up at the end of the evening. )
Simmering cinnamon sticks smell amazing - the first day I did it Paul was super excited to see what I had cooked that smelled that good! I have been simmering cinnamon sticks almost non stop since buying these and my house has never smelt so good!!

What are your creative ways for using cinnamon sticks?
And have you found anywhere with a cheaper price?


Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Sending virtual cinnamon rolls to my ovenless friend. :)

Shannon said...

those are some really cute ideas jess :)
oh, you should glance at my blog on the thing about scarves, you might enjoy it!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

I love the idea of using them at place settings! Great ideas!

Catherine said...

Does leaving cinnamon simmering on the stove all day increase your utility bill? It sounds like a good idea, but since my house is heated off a propane tank with a limited supply, I wouldn't want it to run out of fuel faster.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

These are great! I love the idea of decorating with them. I featured this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com Grab my 'featured' button.

Jen said...

Oh, I love these ideas! thanks for sharing. Will be boiling some cinnamon sticks today.

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