Judah's Dinner Guest

Saturday evening we had an old friend of mine over for dinner - we knew each other from camp years ago and her husband got scheduled to speak at our chapel to share about their plans to go to the mission field - it was so fun having them over and they have children very close to our boys age, which the boys were delighted with.

Judah helped set the the kiddy table - we used paper dinosaur plates (a 'special treat'), some crafts he's made as the center piece and he added paper and crayons for them to entertain themselves with. He placed the plastic forks and spoons on the table and also the cups - we ended up getting a new place setting for our guest though as Wesley got a hold of everything and gave it all a good lick :)

He loved Esther and Sunday morning he told me "Esther is beautiful." Then a few minutes later; "Esther is beautiful. I am handsome."


Esther Leanne said...

That's so sweet :)

Nicole said...

Your daughters in law are lucky girls, you are raising wonderful young men of God :)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I think it is wonderful that you sat the table especially for the little one's. Why didn't I think of that when mine were little? Congrats to Paul on his promotion, and Blaine enjoyed the time at your house last week. Those cheesecake bites look yummy, and in reality we only need a bite. Have a great weekend. Jackie

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