A Little Bit of Normal, Remembered Forever

There are moments that happen that I think to myself "I want to remember this forever."

I have thought that over and over again when I see the boys step onto the same small foot stool to brush their teeth together - they giggle at each other, splash each other, talk to each other and simply be together. I cherish those moments each day when they share this little routine with each other and I know one day it will suddenly end without warning.

So one evening last week while they were absorbed in their teeth brushing I quietly took this picture of them and I love it. It captures so well a moment that I want to forever remember. I love that they don't even know I took a picture of them.

And it has challenged me to start looking at the every day normal to see what moments I can capture so I can remember them forever.


Brandy said...

Very cute!

Love that Judah has no underpants on.

I need them to come teach Isabel how to brush.

Alyson said...

How sweet! I cannot count the number of times I have felt the very same thing. There will be many cherished times as you watch them grow as individuals and brothers and brothers in Christ. Have a blessed day, dear sister! You are a wonderful mommy!!

Jessica said...

And THAT, right there, is why I have SO MANY pictures of Leah. I don't want to forget a thing - not one moment - of the blessed life God has given me. It's all going to pass so quickly, and I don't want to forget it. Ever.

Bethany said...

Do you pinch that butt-cheek?

PS. I love that picture. It so well captures the every-day.

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