Judah Funnies - another collection

I can't keep up with the funny things that come out of this boys mouth. He keeps us laughing all.the.time! It's so much fun!

Recently at dinner time I was trying to get him to eat something that he didn't want to eat and he said to me in all seriousness; "Lick it mommy. Kiss it. Put it on your head." I don't know why it struck us as so hilarious, but Paul now quotes that line a lot.

Dinner time seems to be the time for funnies - he was in the middle of eating something and out of the blue he said quite seriously; "Daddy. I want to fart in a spoon."
Paul's response made me laugh even harder; "Well son. We can't always have what we want."

A few weeks ago Judah came to me and said: “Mommy, I don’t like it when Daddy talks to me like that. He said ‘No jumping on the bed.’”

I have gotten Judah all hyped up about Christmas, even though he doesn't totally get what "Christmas" is. He talks about it a lot - he knows things I buy are being put away until Christmas and I have told him the Christmas story and we've even pulled out the nativity set and played with it a few times. Two weeks ago Judah saw a nativity scene set up in a store and yelled out loudly “LOOK MOMMY! THERE’S GOD!”

While dressing him the other day he looked down at his bare chest and said "Oh! There are my nipples. Hi nipples! We are going to go to the gym nursery today - yay!"

Judah was playing with one of his little plastic army men and he brought one to me and said "Mommy, his arms are tired. Pull this off." (taking about the gun the army man was holding.)


Sis said...

Oh man! I laughed so hard my stomach got a good workout! :-p

Sis said...

Oh man! I laughed so hard my stomach got a good workout! :-p

Bethany said...

OH my goodness, this post made me laugh so hard!! Thanks for sharing! :-D

Brandy said...

Sometimes I want to fart in a spoon..


and "Hi Nipples" cute.

You should say hi to them everytime you see them!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

Out of the mouths of babes!!! Sometimes we all just want to fart on a spoon, I suppose! He is a riot! Thanks for sharing these stories-they make me smile!

Amber said...

LOL--too funny!!

Amber said...

LOL--too funny!!

Di said...

Oh my, my computer screen almost got a shower with the fart on a spoon!

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