Fabric Camera Strap Sewing Project

It's super hard to take a picture of ones camera strap when it is still attached to the camera! I have been holding off posting about this for over a week now as I was waiting to use another camera to get a full shot of this, but it didn't end up happening!

This project was so, so easy to make - and again, I didn't use a sewing machine so imagine how super easy it would be with a machine!! I bought 1 yard of fabric and using the 1 yard length I then cut it just a bit wider than 2x the width of my camera strap.
I folded the fabric so the design was on the inside and I sewed it in a straight line all the way down. Then I flipped it right way out and pulled it onto my camera strap. It took a little bit of tugging as it was a pretty tight fit (which is what I wanted) The ends I simply finished off with a safety pin tucked on the inside of the fabric, so you can't see it at all but it is secure and yet easy to remove when I tire of pastel colored butterflies.

Easy, cheery and delightful.

And now I have got to get a sewing machine! I have a couple other sewing projects I am working on and hand sewing takes forever.


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Adorable! I love an excuse to dress up mundane things like camera straps. :) Thanks for the visit!

Jessica said...

That's just too cute. You might want to check at Hancock Fabrics on Washington Road for a sewing machine. I heard they are having a great sale right now....possibly even going out of business.

Sarah O said...

Craigslist. I get all machines there, just got a serger for pennies.

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