Leftover Cheesecake

Friday night I served Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake for Paul's promotion dinner. I found a $15 bakery-made cheesecake on special for $5 because a tiny bit of the chocolate had ended up on the lid.

On Saturday evening we were planning on having some dinner guests over, so in a moment of laziness, thriftiness or genius (take your pick!) I decided to use the left over cheesecake for Saturdays dessert.

I cut the cheesecake into bite size pieces, while at the same time melting unsweetened dark chocolate. I stuck craft sticks into each bite of cheesecake, and when the chocolate was thoroughly melted I dipped each piece of cheesecake into the chocolate.
They were then placed on wax paper to dry (and eventually ended up in the freezer as they weren't setting properly on the counter.)

I ended up doing some in semi-sweet chocolate as well, and some people preferred that, but I loved the unsweetened chocolate combined with the richness of the cheesecake - so good!!

There were enough for 3 bites per person, but 1 bite was rich enough for me! 6-7 of these little pieces would be about equivalent to 1 slice of cake, so the "leftover" cheesecake really did stretch far doing it this way.


Jessica said...

YUM. That's really all I can say.

Nicole said...

Yum!! awesome idea

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