Boys Bedroom Idea

I had been planning on decorating the boys room in a pirate theme - I have collected a lot of unique items for their room, including two barrel bedside tables. But I have had a change of mind, and am leaning towards and modern-art feel. I am thinking black and white for the furniture, bedding and curtains and then blow up large photographs of them and/or places they have been to hang on their wall.
I'm also leaning towards a rope ladder and handle bars for in their room - is that insane to put in a boys room?!

I put together the above "inspiration board" for myself. The image on the top left is the coolest wall paper *ever* and I am thinking about buying a roll and framing it on their wall as a massive piece of art. You can color in the frames, add your own photographs inside them or leave them as is.


Esther Leanne said...

Cool! I think they need a swing too :)

mum said...

Personally, I liked the pirate theme and think your modern art idea is so 'grown up' for their ages!! Maybe when they are 5+ change it. But whatever you choose will be great!!!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I am liking the idea of the inspiration board. I think I need to come up with one for my house. I am not sure about the swing in the boys room. That could get dangerous, or at least it would have with my two. I am giving away some of Blaine's vases this week, so check it out if you are interested. Jackie

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