Fall Vase

How is this for a complicated story - a friend of ours from church is from a town a few hours from here but he lives in this city for school. We love spending time with him and him and his mom were one of the few visitors that came to the hospital to visit after Wesley's birth.

A few months back Blaine's mom was blog hopping and happened upon my blog - she knew who I was from a couple of visits at church - and she left a comment letting me know who she was. It was rather random that she stumbled upon me, but I am so excited that we have now found each others blogs!

Blaine is an incredible artist - he has made several pieces for us, including two mugs, some decorative pieces and a bowl. He made the three vases in the above image for his mom to use for a giveaway. Trust me - you want to win his pieces!! They are SO nice!!
Head over to Jackie's blog and leave a comment on her post - tell her you read about it here (um. yes. because it gives me an extra chance at winning!!) But then you can turn around and get other people to mention you when they comment to give you an extra chance at winning!

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