Cake Mold Ice Ring

I had wanted a large punch bowl for awhile and was thrilled to find one, brand new in its box, at a yard sale for a few dollars a couple months ago. The main reason I wanted one was because I wanted to be able to make ice rings to go in it. My mum use to make them when I was growing up and I always thought they were pretty cool - and now I get to make my own!

I use my silicone bundt cake mold and it is perfect for sliding the frozen ring out of! I use juice to freeze since that much frozen water would dilute the punch as it thawed out. In the above image I added lemons and limes to the juice before freezing it, but you could really add almost anything - from berries to edible flowers to (clean!) plastic toys to match a theme.

Since the silicone baking molds are fairly flimsy I placed mine inside another cake mold to keep it from getting knocked while it was freezing.

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Empty Nest Full Life said...

Thanks for the idea for the punch ring. I will have to look for a silicone ring. Jackie

Sarah said...

Cute idea!!

mum said...

Jess, another idea I just found is cut lemons and limes into small wedges and freeze in ice cube trays. They look quite stunning and I am sorry I didn't have this knowledge to impress you with in your childhood as well!!!

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