Monster Pillow

Where the Wild Things Are is coming to theaters this Friday, so we've got monsters on our mind here! I was planning on taking Judah opening day to see the movie but we've made other plans for the weekend so our movie date will have to wait until next week. I am SO excited about this movie!! We have been reading the book nearly every day since early summer.

Last week I decided to try my hand at sewing Judah a monster stuffed animal. I used crayons to color a monster on an old pillow case, set it with an iron and then cut around the drawn image. Then I sewed it up, stuffed it and Judah now has his very own Wild Thing. (It was never suppose to resemble any of the Wild Things from the book!! Just sayin. My drawing abilities aren't THAT bad.)

It was so.so.so easy to make - and I don't even own a sewing machine! I hand stitched that monster. But with a sewing machine it would have been *extremely* easy to make!


Bethany said...

Okay, I love your monster and am even slightly jealous that it does not live in our house.

PS, I've been a very bad blogger lately. How do you manage to have so much time for blogging?

Brandy said...

ok, Crayons set ??

Is it washable and the Crayons will stay?

You must educate!

Sis said...

I love it! Judah has a very amazing Mumma :)

mum said...

Is he taking it to see the movie? Maybe you should make extra and sell them to all the other kids who will definitely want their own!!! Or you could have them order them from me...

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Did you see that you won? E-mail me, I have a question to ask.

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