Finger Painting

We have been enjoying a variety of arts and crafts lately and one of my favorite ones has been finger painting.

Wesley jumped right in and used both hands and smeared his colors all over his page.

Judah used just his fingers and was a bit more orderly.

I love seeing their differences :)

When they were finished doing their pictures Paul helped me cover their palms in paint and we put their hand prints on a canvas. Paul and I added our own to the canvas and we plan to hang it up somewhere in the house.

I recently discovered this amazing blog CRAFTY CROW that contains an enormous collection of kids crafts - check it out if you're looking for some ideas to do with your own children.


Nicole said...

Awesome :) Finger painting rocks!!
Have you ever let them use "gloop" which is basically corn flour and water mixed together? its really gooey and sticky, its just fun to mess your hands in :)

Jessica Morris said...

we haven't done gloop yet - but may try sometime soon! :)

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