Catching Up

It has been a little while since I've blogged and I miss it. Paul has been away since last Saturday and so I have tried to be productive with my days to keep myself from getting bored with him being gone... so now our apartment is cleaner than ever before, my Christmas gifts for my family are all wrapped, Judah's-too-small-for-him-now clothes are all put away, and I finally got around to visiting the local flea market! It has been a fun week.

I have been trying so hard to get Judah to crawl again, but he just won't!! Wednesday night while I was at prayer meeting the nursery ladies said that he crawled for them... sheesh. My baby is a show off! The only thing he has been showing off for me this week has been his pooping skills... I think Paul must have a stern chat with him every time he leaves for a long time away from us because Judah ALWAYS does massively disgusting diaper stuff while Paul is gone. This evening I could smell it from the other side of the apartment. GROSS. When I came to see if I was truly smelling what I thought I was smelling I discovered it had gone through the diaper, all down his leg and it was in between his toes. DISGUSTING. The smell is now burnt into my nose and it makes me want to gag. I'm sure you're all glad I am back to blogging now, eh?! Ok... I shall change the subject.

I am rather pleased with myself for asking for something. I had made an order on Amazon for all the supplies to make Bubble Tea ... if you have never had Bubble Tea you must try it! Absolutely delicious and addictive! It's also a little pricey so I had the brilliant thought of ordering all the supplies to make it and then making it at home. So that's what I did. The company sent me an e-mail to tell me that they were out of one of the items, so I could either wait two weeks till they got the shipment of it in, or I could cancel my order. So I e-mailed them back and said I could wait, but could they send me something extra to make up for the wait. They said they would, so now I am getting two extra flavored powders along with my order - sweet! It NEVER hurts to ask for something!

That reminds me... a couple of weeks ago Paul and I were in Khol's and I found a coffee maker - it's regularly $100 and it was 60% off. I was pretty excited so I put it in our cart (because up until that day we were still using Paul's inventive coffee maker!) The only one they had left was the floor model, so when we got to the check out I asked if they could give us a discount since it was the floor model... we got an additional 15% off of the price... so the $100 coffee maker cost us $34! The new one has a timer on it and looks quite spiffy. Sometime when I am unlazy I will take a picture of it!

I will also take a picture of Judah's Christmas present. I am really excited about it! At the flea market I found some wooden (toy) tools. They look really neat! I am debating painting them or leaving them with the wood look. They look really cool and what's even neater is that a 72 year old man makes them :) He's a retired trucker and he had all sorts of wooden things he'd made to sell. I will take a picture of it soon and poll ya'll to see what I should do about painting them!


katherine. said...

you've already wrapped your Christmas presents....

for crying out loud.

mel said...

Okay, "pooping skills" had me laughing out loud. I love that word 'skills.' It's like on Napoleon Dynamite where he has "bowhunting skills, numbchuck skills...Girls want guys with SKILLS"

ANYWAYS... I love how frugal you are! I'm serious. In my mind, I'm the same way, but I am always afraid to ask people for extras. It's like I'm afraid they'll get mad at me and then I won't be invited to their birthday party or something lame like that... You INSPIRE me. From now on, I shall ask, and recieve. :)

The Rock Chick said...

Christmas presents? You not only actually have them but they are wrapped already? My goodness, you are one ahead of the game woman!!! I always say I'm going to start shopping ahead of time, but I never do. It's just not the holidays unless you're fighting traffic because of a blizzard and then standing in a huge line at the store! LOL

Thats an incredible deal on the coffee maker! I wish you lived closer to me. I would take you along on shopping trips :) You always find the best deals and freebies!!!!


Amber said...

"I hereby award Jessica Morris the longest-comment-left-on-Amber's-blog award!" :-)
Thanks for your great tips and advice. Great ideas!!
"I also hereby crown you Queen of Great Deals!" :-)

Anonymous said...

I won't paint them as it will wear off and he would get the paint chips in this little mouth UUUK
Christmas you have to tell me what you want, not on the blog, I need ideas.

Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

Is the contest over, I haven't been able to get on for a couple of days Help


Jessica Morris said...

Here's the deal on the Christmas presents... my sister is coming to visit in two weeks and I won't be seeing any of my family again till who knows when, so I thought I would send all their Christmas gifts back with her - to save on shipping :)
I will most definitely be at the mall on Christmas eve... totally LOVE that atmosphere!

katherine. said...

okay...sister visiting is an acceptable reason for being so far ahead of the game...smile.

(I do have some bought...things I've seen and picked up...)

mum said...

You definitely have some Nigerian-bargaining skills (there's that word again) in your blood!! Way to go!

Crystal said...

I would comment on everything else, but I'm completely speechless at the idea of having Christmas presents bought and wrapped before the end of SEPTEMBER.

I always knew you were a little wacko, but... wow...


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