*Cough Cough*

Just to stifle any curious mind I will say this at the beginning - I am not pregnant. A blood test was done today and it was negative.

That being said I feel I can now safely say that I have been sick for the past week. I was sick last Thursday night, Saturday night and Monday night with really sharp stomach pains and nauseousness. Monday night it struck me that I was getting sick every other day, which is what happened when I had malaria. I was not having the chills and fever which normally accompany malaria, but I was still concerned about it.

So yesterday Paul called the Hospital Administration desk to see if they'd had any cancellations and if so could they get me in to see a doctor. They told him to have me call back at 1pm to make an appointment for today.

So I did.
The receptionist told me that they saved the last minute scheduling for acute cases.
I told her I'd been told to call.
She said she couldn't do anything as, again, last minute scheduling was reserved for acute cases.
I asked her if malaria didn't count as acute.
She said - and I quote - "No, malaria is just a routine testing that we do."
Umm right. Like malaria is routinely tested anywhere in the US. Ok, maybe at a Tropical Disease Center, but I was just going to Community Care.
The lady would not budge on her decision to not give me an appointment. So I said goodbye, hung up and called Paul about it.

He called back and within a matter of minutes got me an appointment for 9am this morning. He's very good at that kind of stuff =)

So in I went this morning. I like my doctor a lot. She scheduled a bunch of labs for me, some of which required me fasting for 12 hours before hand ... thankfully I'd remembered this from the tests I went through three years ago when I had it and I hadn't eaten in the morning, so I was all set for all the tests and was able to get them all taken care of at once.
My doctor said she would call if there's anything abnormal in the lab results, so I will have to wait on that to find out.

As soon as I finished with my checkup with her I went to get the labs done. In the waiting room was a little girl one week younger than Judah. Judah and I sat right across from the little girl and her mom and the little girl coughed. Judah looked up at her, smiled, and did his fake cough (he loves doing his fake cough...) the little girl coughed back at him, and he then coughed back at her. They smiled and laughed and coughed at each other for a good little while. It was SO very funny to see them 'playing' that way!

So right now I am waiting on the test results. I had the same sick stomach feelings again this afternoon - but it didn't flow with the 'every other day' thing that had been going on... so hopefully the tests will show something and we can figure out what's wrong with me!


Janean said...

Hi, Jessica!
Been awhile since I've visited. You've dressed the place up some. Looks very nice.
I'll be praying. Hope everything turns out well.

lala said...

I hope you get this figured out and that it's nothing serious...

My dad would say, "Take Emergen-C" (a vitamin C drink)... "It's the best cure on the planet" (at least that's what he tells me when I get bronchitis every year...) =)

The Rock Chick said...

Awewww, sorry you're not feeling well!! I'm glad you clarified the pregnant thing in the beginning of the story, because I would have thought that's what it was! Hope you're feeling better soon!


Crystal said...

Might I remind you of your early pregnancy history. *wink*

Seriously though, I hope they figure out what it is and you feel better soon.

Mel's Mom said...

Take care and keep us posted!

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