My Friend Has More Talent Than Your Friend

I don't know your friend, so I can say that... but really, when it comes to jewelry making my friend Crystal (yup! A bloggy buddy! Can I call her a 'buggy' then?) makes the most beautiful jewelry! I'll confess that I haven't yet bought any, but her prices are really great, and the pieces are just beautiful!!
I have spent a lot of time drooling over her work.
Check out her clever website 2 Belles and a Bead where her and her mom's work is showcased. Shipping prices cannot be beat - free within the USA and just $1 to Canada! Pretty sweet, eh?

1 comment:

Crystal said...


Thanks, Jessica. :)

I guess if I can call you peanut butter, you may call me buggy. But only because I like you!

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