Blog for a Year

For whatever reason no one seems to be able to get on to the site Blog for a Year. I have no idea why, and neither does the lady who was in first place. I hate to do this since so many of you were so committed to voting for me each day - but I QUIT!
It's like one of those situations where you know you're about to be fired so you quickly decide you want to quit... ya, that would be this. I think the creator of Blog for a Year has ditched us all... run off with the money. But it still feels good to say that I quit =)
Thanks everyone for your faithful voting.


Amber said...

Awww, bummer. I was wondering what was going on with the site.
We've visited the church a couple of times already, but yeah, we'll be starting regularly this Sunday. I'm really excited about it, it seems like a great church.

Mel's Mom said...

That's stinky (kind of like your previous post about Judah's diaper- ha!). You would have deserved it, however.

mum said...

Now I will never know what happens to all those other bloggers I used to read. It was like reading a soap opera, and I guess I was getting too addicted and wasting too much time!!

Catherine said...

I, too, have been wondering what happened to the site.

Well, at least you made it up to 3rd place for a time.

Pati said...

Well, you were the winner in my books Jessica. Here's why. As nice as the other bloggers were, I found your writing style to be more skillful in that it was creative with great and varied subject matter, topical, enticed the reader to stay interested, cute (Judah), handsome (Judah and your husband), humourous, well informed and always interesting.
You may have quit blogger of the year but don't give up writing. You're quite good at it.

Essie said...

So I can change my home page now? And not feel guilty for all those times I didn't feel like waiting for the page to open? *phew*

Anonymous said...

Well I am proud of you all for getting Jessica up so close to the top. I don't blame you for quitting. Yes, it really is a good feeling to tell someone of a company that you have had enough.

Love ya AP

The Rock Chick said...

Awwww, I thought it was just down or something---sorry, Jessica!!! You are the definite winner according to me!

If it comes back, let me know--I will continue my morning click over for you :)


Jessica Morris said...

Aw thanks everyone! You are all very nice :)

I won't give up on blogging.. it's too addicting to give it up! :)

Catherine (pcthegreat) said...

The "Blog for a Year" site is back up now, just in case you care. :)

Andy and Jenelle said...

I'm still voting! I refuse to stop until the competition ends. I noticed it was up today.

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