Distractable Baby

I love how the slightest little thing distracts him... like his fascination with the car turns into a fascination with the camera, which then turns into a fascination with the carpet, then back to the camera, then he bumps the car which reminds him that it's there and he is fascinated with it for all of three seconds, then it's back to the carpet again... a never ending circle. He makes me laugh!


Anonymous said...

Wow how he is growing. He would ompletely fill your days and nights in the most beautiful way. Have a good weekend, AP

The Rock Chick said...

oh, cute! I just love his little squeal. He is such a happy baby!!!!


Mel's Mom said...

He is a doll!!

lala said...

You have the most beautiful baby! I just can't get over how adorable he is!!!

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