I haven't been linking to samples because I wasn't sure that anyone was really interested in them... but the last few days I have been raking in the freebies, and it's been rather exciting to me! I request a couple a day, so it's not a big deal to link to them on my blog - just let me know if you'd like me to start posting them daily again and I will!

In the last few days I have gotten:
*a coupon for a free 21oz Dr. Pepper
*a coupon for a free can of baby formula
*a days supply of baby formula
*another days supply of baby formula
*a travel size tube of toothpaste
*a mini box of cereal
*eight different flavors of hot chocolate (one cup of each)
*a full size granola bar
*another full size granola bar


Anonymous said...

Yes please!

Stacy said...

I need some new ones. The Wal-Mart website hasn't had any new ones for a while.

Chelsea Rae said...

I like them! Especially the Canadian ones!! ;)

Bethany said...

I like the freebies!!!

Mel's Mom said...

They are great! I got my Dr Pepper coupon and my granola bar! - No need for the baby stuff =)

Anonymous said...

Love em!!!

Donna said...

Like em!
Love em!
Want some more!


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