My debit card expired the end of August, and for whatever reason I never got the replacement card. I called our bank three times during the month of August - trying to ensure that my new bank card would get here before the other one expired (ya know - so I wouldn't have to put a pause on any shopping!!) Each time I called they assured me it had been sent and would get here within two days. Didn't happen. The cards they supposedly kept sending must have gotten eaten in the mail.
So September started (um, crazy thought!!) and I didn't have access to any money. It was slightly in my favor as it meant Paul had to take my car out to get the oil change and put gas in it. But it was really annoying to not have money. Yesterday I needed to go grocery shopping desperately so took Paul's card with me hoping they wouldn't check the name on it ... how embarassing to have to return all my groceries because I had no way to pay for them! But his card worked just fine.
And as life would have it the new card finally arrived this morning - early this morning! As glad as I was to get the card it was frustrating that they came so early and woke up my baby when they rang the door bell. Guess you can't have it all, eh?

So yes, it is September. Kind of hard to believe when it is about 97 F outside. I saw apple cider in the grocery store yesterday but couldn't bring myself to buy it. As much as I love it it's a Fall drink, and "Fall" is not shorts, tank top and flip flop weather. So I'll be holding out for the apple cider.

Tomorrow is the youth groups white water rafting trip. I still have a bit of stuff to organize for it... like actually figure out where it is and how to get there =) Those would be good details to know!! This blog will likely not have any updates till after I get home on Sunday, which means no freebie links either.


Amanda said...

Hey... your mention of apple cider was so exciting and yet kind of sad. I actually, almost, teared up a little... I mean, I miss the autumns back home. Apple cider in the fall is amazing... and while they might have apple cider here, their autumns are not like home. And that's kind of sad... anyways, I hope you have a great time this weekend. Enjoy the rapids!!!

Crystal said...

Your mail carrier rings your doorbell?

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