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Sometimes I do really stupid things. At times like those I am so grateful for a loving husband with a sense of humor.
This weeks stupid thing happened Thursday evening - the same evening as 'the diaper stuff' and, coincidentally, is directly related to that drama. When Judah had that explosive diaper he was in his exo-saucer at the time. So the poop that ended up between his toes was also all over the base of the exo-saucer. Gross. In my grossed-out-ed-ness I decided to clean it up with bleach. I poured a bit of bleach and water into the base and started scrubbing. Imagine my horror when I realized there are tiny holes in the base! Really - it was worse than horror.
This is what I did to our carpet:

The picture does not even do it justice.... there is this ugly bleach stain right in the middle of our living room.
I called Paul later that evening just to chat and he just KNEW something was up - but I did not want to tell him what I'd done. When he finally managed to get the story out of me he actually laughed and said he thought it was kind of funny, and then said that we could go out and buy a rug to cover it up. Aw! How sweet of him to be so nice about my stupid mistake!

I remembered to take a picture of our new coffee maker - looks pretty snazzy, eh?? I haven't figured it out yet (floor model means no instruction manual...) so if Paul isn't home I don't drink coffee!


Anonymous said...

eh? you make me laugh.
~aunt Sarah~

The Rock Chick said...

I'm pretty sure you should just put some coffee in there, some water and press a button!!! LOL

There's probably some kind of instruction manual available online...I can't see what manufacturer that is...


Bethany said...

Good job with the bleach! Isn't it nice when husbands take bad news better than we think they will?

Crystal said...

That's a purdy coffee maker!

You know, I bleached the carpet once. When I was, like, 4. Have fun rug shopping!

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