The Many Faces of Judah-Budah

Judah and I were playing on the floor this afternoon and he started making the funniest faces at me... so I grabbed my camera and the faces continued!
For your enjoyment:

His praying pose

His spitting face

His 'yuck! you spit back at me!' face

His starting to smile face

His coughing face


Sarge Charlie said...

I think I know a proud mama

Amber said...

How CUTE! :-) He's getting so grown up looking.

The Rock Chick said...

All the faces have one thing in common....CUTENESS!!!! These are great pics!


Bethany said...

It's a good thing you have your camera handy... and with batteries charged up too! My batteries are ALWAYS dead. Makes it no fun to try and take pictures.One of these days I'll have to charge up those batteries and go to work!

Crystal said...

The first one is so cute!!

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