Rock It, Baby!

We have never owned a real rocking chair, not for a lack of wanting to own one, but... well, I am super picky about finding a great rocking chair and I won't spend money on one I don't love, and I have yet to find one that I love. A friend has a glider that she is wanting to get rid of and said she'll give to us and I am rather excited about this fact, as even if it isn't exactly what I would want in a chair it is FREE, so no complaints there!
Judah loves being rocked to sleep, and I have mixed feelings about giving up our improvised 'rocker.' As with all great ideas that originate here Paul thought this one up... see, I have this exercise ball that he bought me to, ya know... exercise with. It doesn't get a whole lot of use in the exercise department so Paul put it to use as a rocking chair. For the last two months Judah and I spend a lot of time bonding while my poor butt is struggling to balance on this ball... annoying, but it actually gives my butt and thighs and pretty good workout!
So when we get this new 'real' rocker it will be much more comfortable and easy to rock him, but not as good for my lower body. :)


The Rock Chick said...

Someone bought me one of those all wood rocking chairs as a baby gift. It was really cute and looked so nice in the nursery, but it was so uncomfortable, even after I bought chair pads and everything for it. I'm picky about chairs, too. I totally understand!


Jessica Morris said...

Oh good :) Haha, I have been to so many stores and sat rocking in their chairs... I can't wait to find "the one"!! :)

Bethany said...

Maybe I should get an exercise ball! Just think of how much firmer your thighs are because of it! Ugh... I hate they way my thighs look now that I'm pregnant. Cellulose is for old ladies! Ew!

Sarah said...

LOL...I am picky too...super picky. In four kids I haven't found one that is comfy enough to nurse in. We have a large rocker (not glider) that is even big for me, and that comes the closest, but it's still not quite right. I prefer to nurse in an outdoor chair...the ones that fold up nice and small (metal frame with canvas stretched over it that has it's own carrying bag). I find that I can find the right height for my arm and that my back doesn't hurt...and most importantly that my feet can reach the floor!!! I know my legs are short, but rocking chair companies obviously think everyone has long legs.

Good luck on your quest!!

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