Woohoo! We did it - we finally each bought ourselves a pair of cowboy boots! My friend found the ladies boots at a store for 75% off - she took me in there on Thursday and I just adored the boots, but wanted to make sure that Paul loved them too! So after picking him up at the airport yesterday afternoon I took him back to the store to look at my boots and check out the mens clearance.

He bought this pair for himself - they are suede. Reg $84 - he got them for $21.

These are the ones I bought for me. Reg $234 - we paid $58 for them.

I just love the smell of leather! Mmm! And I love the look of my boots too... these are our first western boots for both of us - I think it's a much better trend than our leather pant look, don't you?!


Es said...

I love the boots! I will definitely be buying myself some:)

Jessica Morris said...

There aren't any like that left for you to buy!! Sorry!

The Rock Chick said...

Those are beautiful! What a buy!! you always find these deals--I don't know how you do it!

And yes, much better than the leather pants :)


Crystal said...

Those are great!

Now you just need that country music record deal... *giggle*

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