Thursday Thirteen #24

Have a baby shower coming up that you need to shop for? Here are thirteen gift ideas to help you out! My Thursday Thirteen:

1. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, available at Amazon.com This is perfect for a baby starting out on solids. You stick a piece of fruit, meat or vegetable inside the netting and snap it shut and then let the baby at it! The baby gets to chomp away on s
omething without the risk of choking!
2. Diapers! You can NEVER get too many of these! But try to pick up the bigger sizes, or make sure the parents can return them if the baby outgrows that size. 3. A Restaurant Gift Card for the tired new parents!

A Baby Sling, like this one, available from
Babies-R-Us. 5. A book for mum - but not parenting books! Something light hearted that is easy to put down, maybe just a magazine.
6. A certificate for a free night of babysitting so the parents can get out on their own!
Shower gel and loofa for the new mum!

8. A book or candy for the new dad - just so he knows it's about him too!
A months subscription to
Netflix for the first month that baby is home.
Books for baby - look a little harder and find some that dad and mum will enjoy reading! There are some funny ones out there!!

A music cd for baby that mummy and baby can dance and sing to- like one by
Laurie Berkner
Swimmer diapers, sunscreen and a baby beach towel. Add a cute baby swimsuit to the mix too if you want! =)

A fun stuffed animal that will make the parents smile, like this
skunk. (We don't own that, but we've got a red horse that makes me laugh!)

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FRIGGA said...

I'm here via the TT13 site. Those are some great ideas.
Happy TT13 - mines up at http://anyapples.blogspot.com/

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Cloth diapers too. Even if you're not using them, they make amazing burp rags.

Great list!!!

Chris said...

Fun list, I totally agree with #8 (made dad feel important too) and #9 (Netflix rocks). Happy TT!

The Rock Chick said...

Ohhhh, Netflix is a great idea!! When we had our 4th baby in 4 years, my husband and I were both still working at the police department. As a baby gift, they gave us enough money for a year's worth of cable TV even with the premium channels....LOL...I guess with 4 babies in 4 years, they figured the hubby and I didn't watch a whole lot of TV, if you know what I mean :) Funny!

Glad you're back in TT Land!


JAM said...

Lord, I remember going and buying groceries and whatnot, almost broke, and the cost of the diapers almost made us want to cry. You never can have too many, and if you do and the kid grows out of them you can always give them to someone else.

When our girls were little, we bought our first VCR. WuhHoo! We'd rent videos and thought that was the greatest invention ever. Netflix would have seemed like science fiction in the late 80s.

Great list. I'd like to see one of those things in #1 in operation.

I always thought the baby sling things were cool. We have several little poodles, and our one boy dog loves Lovely Wife to death. Will not be seperated from her if she's home. I keep telling her we'll have to buy her one of those sling things for him.

Lori said...

Great list but there are no babies on the way;) Happy TT.

Sue said...

#3 is a terrific idea! And yes I will use the next time I'm invited to a shower. Cheers!

Kristee Weldon said...

Wow! What a gorgeous family and he cooks! I vote for the baby sling,keep em close for as long as ya can. :)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I would love to see the teen group sing in Hebrew. That sounds so cool!


~~R~~ said...

Great list it seems everyone I know is expecting & your list gave me some great ideas thanx...Happy TT13 http://inraesworld.blogspot.com/

Robin said...

Fun list. I love giving slings, and #12 is a really clever idea.

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