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This is a picture of me when I was about four years old. It best reflects how I feel today - insane. Judah is still not himself and for the last 48 hours I have not been apart from him for more than 45 minutes as he simply demands my attention. He doesn't have a temperature anymore, and hasn't since Sunday, but he just isn't himself. He will not sleep for any more than 45 minutes, and when he is awake he wants to be held and cuddled most of the time. Which really wouldn't be so bad, except that's what he wants all day long! And I haven't been able to get anything done.
This evening I was actually beyond eager to go to the gym, as they offer free babysitting for two hours - imagine - two hours to myself! Judah basked in the attention of the nursery attendants, and I enjoyed a good work out and a steamy time in the sauna - which I would like to suggest to ya'll, don't ever go in to a steam sauna with a menopausal woman having cold flashes, they evidently can't feel their nose hairs burning.
Once I had finished the things I'd gone there to do I still had about thirty minutes of babysitting time left, so I sat myself on a bench and read a magazine =) Ahhh, pure bliss!
When I picked Judah up from the nursery they told me he'd been good, and hadn't cried or even fussed for them. Hopefully it's the beginning of my sweet, easy going boy returning, because I definitely miss him!

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The Rock Chick said...

What a cute picture!!! I hope Judah feels better soon. My 13 year old has some sort of bug, too, tired with a fever. She doesn't want me to hold her all day, though :)

And, I'll tell you, being one of those meopausal women, the cold sensation is just as bad as the hot flashes! Tw nights ago it was still 85 degrees with 100% humidity and I was freezing. unbelievable!


JAM said...

I love the picture. I have some of my first daughter who was quite the dresser-upper. Of course, I'm waiting until she gets engaged before I have a slide show for her intended of all the nekkid baby pics and dress-up pics.

That was a great idea to go to the gym like that. Maybe being in other people's arms and having someone else's face there for a couple of hours will help break him of his limpet-like attachment to you.

Jessica Morris said...

That picture was used at my wedding :) And Paul and I are making sure to take embarrassing pictures of Judah to use at his wedding ... some traditions should never be broken!

katherine. said...

cute picture!

(I remember babies...those were the easy years...laughing)

Sarge Charlie said...

and you were a cute kid, you now are experiencing the joys of parenthood.

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