Tin Foil "Stained Glass" Ornaments

These are so easy to make!

You need a piece of stiff paper - cardboard or card stock, tin foil, hot glue and Sharpie markers. Oh, and I guess to make them ornaments you'll need a hole punch and ribbon :)


Cut paper to desired ornament shape.

Drizzle hot glue over ornament to make sections.

Once dry cover with tin foil.

Color the sections in with colored Sharpies for stained glass effect.

If so desired color the 'glue dividers' with a black Sharpie.

Here is how mine turned out. The first picture is without the black dividing the colors, and the second is with the black. I think it looks MUCH better without the black!


Sarge Charlie said...

I vote first then read...

The Rock Chick said...

I vote every morning, too..it's like part of my routine now! These look cute, but I know I would screw them up!

mel said...

I'm with the rock chick here.

I'm pretty sure mine would somehow manage to look like poop.


Crystal said...

Very cool. :o) Fo shizzle, I like yo glue drizzle. Umm, sorry, was talking rap earlier. Can't stop.

Mel's Mom said...

Hmm-- I don't know what mine would look like, but NOT like that!

Proud wife of Sgt H said...

That is really neat! Might have to make that part of our Arts and Crafts do to after school. Thanks

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