Ten Lies

Sarge Charlie tagged me for a new meme
10 Lies My Mother Told Me

My dad, mum and me
The only picture I can find on my computer of my mum and me in the same picture! Sad, eh?? We'll have to fix that soon =)

  1. "Coffee will stunt your growth." Nope! I think you just didn't want to share!
  2. "You're not allowed to date till you're thirty." (I was married at 19)
  3. "No man will marry you if you don't learn to iron." (Paul married me knowing I wouldn't iron - I think I've ironed three things since we've been married!)
  4. "Don't run with scissors in your hand or you'll cut your eye out." Nice threat mum, but I know running with scissors doesn't equal one eye.
  5. "I have eyes in the back of my head."
  6. "Eat your bread crusts, it'll make your toes curl." I think it is a sadder fact that I ate bread crusts to obtain curly toes than the fact that my mother told me this!
  7. "I don't have a favorite child. I love you all the same" HA! I know this is not true, I know for a fact that I am the favorite child!
  8. "You don't need any more than two squares of toilet paper at a time." Hmm... yea, sometimes you just really do!
  9. (in a stern voice) "You will go to xyz and you will smile and you will have a good time." Sigh ... while you could make me go and you could somewhat make me smile the brainwashing didn't make me have a good time at whatever the place was I didn't want to go.
  10. "Cleaning is fun." I confess though - I think I'll use that one with my kids =)
I am going to tag


Sarge Charlie said...

Well now, mothers have to lie a little, do you plan to lie to Judah?

Oh, maybe it is not something you plan, it just happens.....smile

Crystal said...

That's a really sweet photo. :)

C. Shearer said...

On the coffee one...now scientists are saying that people that drink more coffee are less likely to get skin cancer. So once again they've flip-flopped on whether coffee is good or bad for you. Either way I'm drinking it! BTW, I think it stunted my growth. ;)

Crystal said...

Yooohooo, I gave you an award. :o)

Kristee Weldon said...

Hi Jessica,
thanks for the tag I will need some time to think about this one. ;)

Also, thanks for the link. I will be checking that out today.

Have a great week! :)

The Rock Chick said...

Ohhhhh, this is a fun one!!! I may just alter it to 13 and use it for my Thursday Thirteen, though. I'm running on empty with 13 ideas LOL

Thanks! I just checked Crystal's site and she gave both of us an award, too!


katherine. said...

even Mary Poppins made cleaning up fun!

Mel's Mom said...

Ha ha! What fun answers!

JAM said...

This was cool.

I don't know if I can come up with ten though. I'll give it a shot.

shoeaddict said...

Cute. Wanted to know if you watch "Army Wives"?

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