Almost Penny Candy

I am an easily excitable person, but it takes something extra special to make me giddy. Today was one of my giddy days.
I don't think anyone (ok, other than my SIL who told me about this deal!) will be able to guess what I paid for the 104 jars of baby food in the pictures above.
A GRAND TOTAL of $2.08!!! That's like the greatest deal of the year =)
If you click HERE there is a coupon for $1 off any two Gerber Baby Foods from Target. If you buy the 4 oz jars that are regularly .52 cents then you will be getting them for .2 cents each! TWO cents people!! Even if you don't have a baby go out and buy them for someone you know who has a baby. If you don't know anyone with a baby buy them and go make friends with someone who has a baby!!

I can totally vouch for this coupon as I just used it this evening! You can print off as many coupons as you want and then use them. We were told that the computer has a max that you can buy at one time, so if you're going to buy hundreds of jars then just split it up between a few purchases.
You have to act quickly though as it expires on Wednesday, August 15th.

Oh, and make sure you are super nice to the cashier that rings all this up for you =) It really is a pain to ring it all up and then ring up the coupons!

If you end up using it come back and tell me how many you got! =)

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Sarge Charlie said...

good shopping

Qtpies7 said...

Man, I wish my printer and my computer would talk to each other so I could print those coupons out!
I LOVE your TT! That is way too funny!

Anonymous said...

What a buy sure not saving by doing it yourself. I trust that Judah will enjoy the food and you the convenience. Love it. AP

Mark and Leah are on their way back the the USA

This Eclectic Life said...

Girl! You really found a bargain! Good job for sharing the idea. I'll tell my neighbor down the street about it. If you find a deal like this on cat food for "senior" cats, let me know LOL.

Ryanne Marmaro said...

I went and bought some this morning(Yea...even though I'm supposed to be on bedrest), the poor cashier looked at me like I was evil incarnate because the coupons wouldn't scan and she had to enter them all by hand. Oh well, I saved $25!

Btw, my Target was totally out of the fruit jars so I have to go to another one to get those, poor cashiers, lol.

Jessica Morris said...

If I find a deal like this on ANYTHING else I'll be sure to share :)

Ryanne - our cashier had to enter them all in too - but she grouped them together, saying there was a $10 coupon, a $7 coupon, etc!! I don't think she's suppose to do that!
Ah well - Paul has just printed off a bunch more and is going to go to another Target that's nearby :)

We'll be well supplied!

PNoel said...

Now that is a bargin!!!!
So how are you guys doing? shoot me an email.

Anonymous said...

YUM YUM :]]]]
~Aunt Sarah~

The Rock Chick said...

WOW! Talk about a deal! That's almost a steal!! Did you buy the bananas? They were always my favorite :) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!

Jessica Morris said...

Well, I am now the proud and slightly embarrassed owner of 234 jars of baby food - for a grand total of $4.68!

Bethany said...

Oh my word! I'm so tempted to go fill my cupboard tomorrow, but I won't need baby food for at least six (?) more months... Should I still go for it???

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