Bloggy Awards!

Two of my bloggy friends have awarded me Blogger Awards from Writer's Reviews Blogger Awards! How cool is that??

Crystal gave me this one
And this is why she picked that one for me:

"Jessica at Life as I See It. She always has creative posts including lots of gorgeous photos, interesting sounding recipes, and videos of her super cute baby boy."

And Jessica the Rock Chick gave me this one

And here is why she gave it to me (and no worries Jessica! I am not a stalker!)

"Jessica @ Life As I See It. Jessica once e-mailed me because they had baby Bon Jovi shirts for sale at her local Target store and she thought of me. We’ve never even met and here she is in a store, thinking of me. Maybe I should be frightened, but Jessica is always supportive, she’s always tagging me and promoting my blog and leaves comments on everything I write, no matter how good or bad it is! She even hung with me the vast majority of Blogathon!"

No as per the rules I get to pick five more people to award!

I am going to give the

to two very special people. Firstly to

Mel Sewell who lost her fiancee in Iraq on February 8 '07. She is so honest in how she writes - about her pain, about her faith in God, and about her love for her man. I like Mel so, so much and if you haven't read her blog than you really should head over there and check it out! She has a rather wacky sense of humor that I greatly enjoy :)

The other person I want to give the Courageous Blogger Award to is

Sarge Charlie. His blog is constantly posts and people about our country and our military folk. He recently posted a picture of himself in uniform from 1968, and yup, every man in uniform is handsome!! =)

I want to give the

to Debbie Sewell- Mel's mom. Mrs. Sewell is so loving, sweet and supportive of Mel - I know, because not only is she in her blog, but I have e-mailed her a few times :) I like this lady, she is very kind and thoughtful in her comments to people too.

And the
will go to two people too!

Tasra Dawson's blog is all about scrapbooking! I have spent the last few days looking through it and have some marvelous ideas for my own scrapbooking! She's also hosting a fabulous contest with great prizes!

And then to

Kristin, whose blog is just full of book reviews! I love reading, and while I haven't read very much since Judah entered the world, I do enjoy reading her reviews!


Sarge Charlie said...

I am truly honored and will post this ASAP....

mel said...

Aww thank you so much! I will post it tonight when I can save it on my home computer...

I tagged you for a meme thingy, by the way! That's what I originally came by for! :D

Mel's Mom said...

Ooooh! Thanks Jessica! I sure do think a lot of you and your family as well!!

Christy said...

Wonderful choices, congratulations on your award! :)

Sarge Charlie said...

It is up, I think you might like it.

C. Shearer said...

I understand why you got an award. I'm not a big blog reader but yours is so eclectic and interesting I keep coming back. :)

As for your question on if I'm military...sort of, I am Active Duty Air Force but I'm in a civilian position, hard to explain. I've deployed twice in a combat role, and I'm hoping to go back, but this time as an Army Chaplain.

I've only written one blog-entry on this, but I feel it captured my feelings:

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