Pumpkin Head

I forgot to post yesterday, but Judah turned 7 months old! He is getting more and more fun each day - one of his favorite things is to push his little plastic car back and forth in front of him. Have I mentioned I am easily amused? I could sit and watch him play for hours on end!

Judah has started saying "momma" this week. He has been saying "dadda" for two months now, and momma has just now been introduced - soooo very sweet to hear it!

I recently rented a childhood classic movie for us to rent - The Happiest Millionaire. Paul has never seen it, and I was rather excited to introduce him to it. I use to borrow this movie all of the time from our library - in fact I watched it so much I broke it. Watching it as an older person I am not sure what I saw in it that I wanted to watch it all of the time. However I was not disappointed. It was most definitely corny - what else can you expect when there's a millionaire, an Irish butler, a boxing Bible Club, a room full of alligators and it's a musical?? But it had us laughing, and it made me happy to watch something I haven't seen in probably 15 years.

I also rented Return to Oz. The odd sequel to Wizard of Oz. It was just dumb, but I had to watch it as when I was really young my parents let my sister and I start watching it but we were so scared they turned it off. I was probably about eight years old, but ever since then I have had the occasional weird dream about a pumpkin head, a room full of heads, and a mirrored room. I knew all those things came from that movie, so now hopefully that dream can be put to rest seeing as I have put all the images into context.

It got me thinking though - someone should re-do The Wizard of Oz!! Can you imagine what they could do with it??


Catherine said...

I don't think anyone should remake "The Wizard of Oz." Too much of a classic and a new version would ruin it.

The Rock Chick said...

cute pic! Happy 7 months to Judah! I can't believe how much he has changed since I first found your blog. It's amazing!!
I've never seen the Happiest Millionaire! I'm going to have to check it out...sounds like my kind of movie :)


Jessica Morris said...

I wondered about that Catherine... like Gone With the Wind - that's a good one, and I would probably cry if they tried to redo it! I think it's perfect as is.
But with The Wizard of Oz there are so many special effects in it that for them to do it now with what the movie making people can now do it would just be incredible! But maybe it would ruin it...

Jessica - you have to let me know if you ever watch it!!

Bethany said...

Look at those striking bright blue eyes!! What a cutie!!!

mel said...

The Wizard of Oz scares me!!


Happy 7 month birthday to Judah!

Crystal said...

He has the.bluest.eyes.ever!

I've never been a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz. *blush*

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