Hanging In There

Judah in his new wrap

Judah did a bit better through the night - I think I actually got almost two hours of consecutive sleep last night! He is hanging out in his little seat entertaining himself, which is something he wasn't doing yesterday, so I think he is on his way to getting better - I just wish he would hurry it along and be well already!

On Saturday I got a tempting deal from my Babies-R-Us credit card - they sent me a coupon good for $25 off a purchase of $25.01 or more put on my credit card. Who could pass up a deal like that?? I spent all weekend dreaming about what I would go and get from the store, and on Monday I headed over there (with Sir Cranky in tow) and bought The Ultimate Baby Wrap. Wow! I am so glad I did. I have used it SO much since Monday! I can hold him in five different positions, one of them being for sleeping/nursing, there is absolutely no pressure on my neck or back, and he just loves it!
Paul had bought me a sling and I have raved about it in the past, and while I do still think it's a great product, this one is much better! It even comes with an instructional DVD so you can be sure to understand how to tie it on your body!

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Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

I had a simplified denim wrap that fit like a diaper, I could only have him face forward or backward, but how easy was it to spend time with him. At the store he could face the people and grin at them, if he was tired I could just turn him around and hold him (or keep him from grabbing the pens). I loved it, cannot believe more people didn't use them, but they weren't mass marketed back then. Great for trips to Busch Gardens - didn't need a stroller even when he was around 2. Adorable child.

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

aww he looks precious in there! all nice and comfy!!
I never used those things with my kids, for one, my first one was 10lbs 4 oz @ birth! LoL That would have been a nice back braker, Huh?

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