Judah's New Game

This innocent face has started biting me (with his gums) when he is nursing. OUCH! It started this morning, and as painful as it is I have the hardest time not laughing when it happens. He will bite down *hard* and I will pull him off and yell "OW!" and he then bursts into tears while I tell him "No Judah, that hurts!"
Then I put him back on, he stares up into my eyes, grins, and bites down again. And the cycle continues. What is so funny to me is that he has tears in his eyes - coming down his cheeks even - and then as soon as he is latched on again he grins.

In the last couple of days he has become so much more playful! Paul plays peek-a-boo with him every day and the last few days Judah has really been responding to it - it's the funniest thing in the world to him when his daddy pops his head out from behind his hands and says "BOO!"

Our baby is becoming fun! =)


Sarge Charlie said...

the joys of motherhood. Just so you know I am voting every day.


The Rock Chick said...

awwww.he's such a cutie! I love that little grin!!

Jessica Morris said...

thanks Sarge!
That meme looks fun, I'll get on it this evening!!

Thanks Jessica - I love his little grins =) They make any bad day all better!

ChelseaRae said...

Yes contests are addicting! I had no idea there are so many out there!!

Yikes! Mary pulls on me when she is nursing, I'm sure not looking forward to her biting!!!

I love the pictures of Judah, he is SO cute!!!

katherine. said...

laughing....his little personality is starting to show....you will have your hands full!

Anonymous said...

Uhm, mom, the baby doesn't understand 'no' and doesn't understand that he is hurting you. Give the guy a teething ring or something before the nursing. Duh!

Jessica Morris said...

He may not understand "no" but he will certainly understand that him biting results in his food being taken away and a stern voice being used. He'll connect it all pretty quick and the biting will stop!

Crystal said...

Rude comment alert! Good grief.

Sorry he's being a stinker. And he knows it too. lol :o) My mom told me I used to do the same thing. You know, it's really funny when it's not your chest. LOL!! ;o)

Kim C. said...

What a precious pic, and your baby has the most amazing eyes!
Thanks for visiting my blog - I always enjoy hearing from new people.

Jessica Morris said...

Thanks Kim! :)

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