Wordless Wednesday #1

February 2005

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Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

That looks like both fun and the potential for a romantic moment -
Welcome to Wordless Wednesday. It is lots of fun.

The Rock Chick said...

You guys are soooo cute!!! Was this before or after you were married?

I'm glad youre doing Wordless Wednesday! You take awesome pictures--you should!!! it's a lot easier than the Thursday Thirteens, too :)


Comedy + said...

What a lovely couple you are. Thanks for sharing a personal piece of your life. Have a great WW filled with blessings. :)

Jessica Morris said...

That was taken near Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, in February of 2005 - we were married in April of '05.
My brother (who took that pic), a girlfriend and I had driven from Toronto to Ft Sill to take Paul my car - a loooong but fun car ride!!

Paul proposed to me in November '04 - this was the only time we saw each other between then and the day before our wedding!

My brother took a TON of pictures of us in the "mountains" - this one is my favourite of them all

Real Women Scrap said...

This is such a great photo. I love how you're leaning back into him and both of you are hidden in the rocks.

Thanks for sharing and for stopping by!

Katja from skimbaco.com said...

What a great photo and what a great memory. I know what that is... I used to be an army wife too.
We got married 10 months after we met, but actually spent only 5 of them together..


katherine. said...

that is a great photo of you two together!

Ambre said...

That is a lovely shot! I also enjoyed the rest of your photos!


Lisa C said...

Very nice picture of you guys!!
Happy first WW!!

Sunydazy said...

What a lovely family!
Thanks for stopping by today!
It sounds like you have wonderful plans for your little one!...and probably a very wonderful upbringing yourself. You have lots to pass on to your children.

Sarge Charlie said...

great start for WW.

Mel's Mom said...

Good looking couple!

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