A Diaper Bag Without Diapers is Just a Bag

Judah and I spent a good chunk of today shopping and there are some great deals going on at the mall! First I went to Victoria's Secret as I had a coupon for $10 off any PINK purchase - they have underwear for $9.50 so it ended up being FREE! You can print off your own coupon HERE, but it expires tomorrow (Friday) so make sure to use it right away!

Next we went to PacSun. They had a whole rack of Hurley and BillaBong men's shirts for $2.99 each - down from $20 - $45.

From there we went to JC Penney. They are clearing out a bunch of clothes and shoes and prices are 75% or more off the original price. I got myself a bunch of cute shirts for $2 or $3 each (reg. $17.99 - $32.99) and I bought Paul two pairs of shoes hoping they'd fit, but neither do - he wears an 11 1/2 and there was a size 12 dress shoe ($7.99 down from $54) but it was too big, and there was also a size 11 leather sandal ($7.99 down from $50.) and it was too small. I bought him both, and now both need to be returned! Bummer.

Our last stop was Aeropostale where I got myself a belt for $2 down from $17.

The sales were rather exciting and I thought I would mention them in case anyone wants to go get some great deals for themselves!

Before leaving on our great shopping trip I forgot to check the diaper bag to make sure that it was stocked. Oops. That was a big mistake. I didn't have any diapers with me! And Judah was in dire need of a diaper change. I searched high and low in our car and found one diaper - a size one! (He wears size three.) The poor baby had a diaper wedgie! But it was still a diaper, and it worked till we got home and I could change him into the proper size. And I made sure to stock up the diaper bag, and will leave some of them in the car next time I am in it!


Catherine said...

Sounds like some great sales! If only I had money...

The Rock Chick said...

ohhhhh, good deals!! I just saw a commercial for Value City Department Stores...I don't know if you have those near you or not, but all of their summer stuff is on sale for either $1, $3, or $5! I think I might go check it out!

I love JC Penney. I buy almost all of our clothes from there!

I'm going to check out the VS coupon, too!


mel said...

I LOVE you shop-style! Sounds much like mine!

YAY for sales!!!

Mel's Mom said...

Great deals! It is a great time of year to be getting season's end items!

Bethany said...

How do you manage to get such good deals? I went shopping today and found no where near such good bargains.

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

I wish I had seen this before, I would have loved to hit some great sales!

I think the diaper incident happens to all of us ONCE... LOL I bet you this will be the last time for you also!!

Crystal said...

I was at the mall about two weeks ago and didn't find any good deals. :(

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