Growing Like A Watched Kettle Boils

Judah had his six month appointment today. Why on earth do receptionist make 8:15 am appointments for babies? It was miserabley early to have him up, fed, dressed and out the door giving us enough time to sit through the morning traffic trying to get on base, and be 15 minutes early to the appointment - but we did it! =)

The nurse, doctor and I were all shocked to find out Judah's weight - 13 lb 13 oz. That is only an 11 oz gain in six weeks! And he went from being in the 10th percentile to being in the 5th. The doctor spent some extra time with us and in the end said that she's not concerned about his weight because he is so very active. I am going to start giving him a lot more food though, as nursing every three hours is getting on my nerves.

Judah got some more shots today, poor baby had fallen asleep and was awoken by the needle poking into him! Miserable way to wake up! He really did only cry when he was poked - he got over the pain pretty quickly ... takes after his daddy in that sense =)


The Rock Chick said...

awwwww...i used to have when they got their shots..that srcreaming always got to me :)

He is getting big really fast! You can see it in the pictures!

mel said...

Sounds like a fun day! And he is SUCH a doll!

Jessica Morris said...

Thanks :) I think he's pretty cute too!!

I do hate when they stick the needle in ... poor little guy!

JAM said...

When my Big Brother and I were little, we were so scrawny that my mother hated to take us anywhere. She was afraid someone would thing she wasn't feeding us and take us away.

When I was three years old, I finally hit 25 pounds. My paternal grandmother used to tell me how after that doctors appointmen where I finally hit 25 pounds, my Mother brought me over for a visit, and when she walked in with me on her hip, she said, "Well. He finally weighs as much as a sack of flour."

She pumped vitamins in us from an early age, and though it might have not helped us grow, we both ended up over six feet tall and well over 200 pounds as adults.

Don't sweat the whole percentile thing with the doctor. If your kids are healthy, that's what is important.

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