A Girl and Her Daddy

It was heartbreaking.

In the waiting room (at a military hospital) this morning was a little girl, about 4 years old who was chattering and playing with a baby and the baby's mother. The baby's father walked into the waiting room and the little girl said "Who's that?"

The mother answered "That is my baby's daddy."

The little girl got up from playing and walked across the room to where her own mother and little baby sister were sitting and said "Where's my daddy?"

Her mother answered with "He's working honey."

"Where is he working mummy?"

The mother looked at her and said "You know he's overseas right now."

The little girl kind of shrugged her shoulders and walked back over to the family she'd been playing with and said

"My daddy doesn't live with us."

Does that not break your heart? I hope Judah never has to say that his daddy doesn't live with us. I think deployments are hard on everybody, but perhaps hardest on the children. Please remember to pray for the safety of our troops, and specifically that little girls daddy.


The Rock Chick said...

always do :)

When one of my closest friends was deployed to Iraq, his youngest was not quite two and not really speaking too much yet, but they had a webcam set up at both locations and he would talk as much as he could to all the kids over that thing.

About 13 months or so later, when he was due to return home, the littlest one was in a store with me and had turned into quite a chatterbox! He was telling everyone we passed in the store that his dad was finally "getting out" over and over. It sounded like his dad was in prison the way he was saying it and finally someone said "Where is your dad?" He answered "Stuck in the computer and he is getting out!" KIDS!

That's a sad story. I hope her daddy comes home really soon.


Sarge Charlie said...

that is one of your very nicest post jessica, thank you

Anonymous said...

It sure is sad. I trust that Judah never has to go through that kind of an experience. I pray daily that Paul will be able to stay over on this side of the pond so that he will be near his wife and son.

love AP

Mel's Mom said...

While I hope everyone knows I am NOT being critical of that mommy- and I'm sure if that little girl's daddy is deployed, mommy is oh-so-tired! I sure hope she takes this time to tell the little girl how proud of her dadddy she can be...how wonderful her daddy is to take care of our country and help others make theirs better. I pray daily for our troops (some by name)- I will add her.

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

My husband spent 14 yrs in the military. My kids know too well what that's like...thank you for this blog and making people aware!

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...
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C. Shearer said...

Thanks for posting this. As those of us who have spent time over there know...our job is important and we are making a difference, we know we are supported. It's the families at home that need the special care because nobody tells them they are the backbone of our military.

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