Color on the Table

While on a family trip to Lowe's a month or so ago I found a huge roll of Contractors paper (about $9) and had the idea to buy it and use it for our Thanksgiving 'tablecloth' - complete with crayons incorporated into the centerpiece so everyone could color along with dinner.

I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving and last week I used some of it to test out my idea - it was a huge hit with the boys (Paul included!)
Monday evening we had four of our friends over and they loved it too - in fact they covered almost the entire surface of our table with their drawings.

The orange dude here is my favorite!

We had some riddles.

And one of the guests drew his plate of food - but got his fork and spoon on the wrong side :)

We played a few different games and kept score right on the table - it was lots of fun!
And cleanup was a breeze, we just rolled it up and threw it away.

I am definitely using this for our Thanksgiving meal, and probably several more meals between now and then! :)


Amber said...

So fun! I've done something similar with a roll of end paper I got from the newspaper office and rolling it out on our coffee table, then letting Levi color away on it. He thinks that's a blast.

mum said...

You are such a fun mummy, Jessica!!!

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