King of the Castle

A few weeks ago I found this wooden castle set in an old box at a yard sale. I almost passed it by, but I decided to ask the old lady how much she wanted for it and when she said $3 I put the box aside to think about it while I finished browsing her stuff.

I, obviously, ended up buying it and when I got home I did was has become my customary after yard sales activity - I googled it. I was thrilled to find the KinderKram castle set selling for the sale price of $259!! Woohoo! What a deal! All of the pieces were included in the box, but two pieces do need to be fixed.

Equally as exciting were three wooden train cars I picked up for $1 total. When I googled them on a whim, not really expecting them to be worth much, I found they were worth $75!

How do parents justify spending $75 on a wooden train and then letting their toddler play with it?!

I have put those, along with other yard sale treasures, away for the boys for Christmas. In one morning I got $375 worth of toys for $4. Once I get my act together I will post pictures and prices of all their Christmas gifts - the greater majority of their gifts are from yard sale steals!


Chelsea Rae said...

COOL COOL COOL!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous that is awesome! It looks so fun, I am so into having toys like that for my kids. Love it.

Sis said...

I like your new background!

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