Judah Funnies - another collection volume 2

Judah: "Mommy, can I pee on the wall?" 
Me: "Absolutely not." 
Judah: "Can I pee at the moon?"  
Me: "I would love to see how that goes for you."

 So far he hasn't attempted it, but I'm sure it's coming!! And when he does, I'll have to remember that I told him he could! :)

For weeks now Judah has been asking me various questions about what God has made.
Did God make the sky? Did God make Wezzy? Did God make airplanes?
Yesterday morning I served him banana muffins, which he had helped me make several weeks ago (they’d been stored in the freezer.)
He held up the muffin and said “Did I make this?”
I told him yes, he had.
He said matter of factly “Oh. I am God!”

It amazes me how kids connect things in their minds! He caught me so off guard with that comment that I missed the perfect teaching moment to share with him that we are made in God's image.

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