Banana Bread and Thoughts

Mmm. Homemade Banana Bread! We all love it and last night I made a triple batch of it - with most of it going in our freezer. I kept one loaf out as some of Paul's co-workers were suppose to help move a piano into our house this evening and I was going to feed it to them as a thank you. But with the Ft Hood incident they were kept later at work and it didn't work out to pick up the piano tonight. The blood that Paul and the others at his clinic draw was sent over to the Ft. Hood victims - it kind of hits close to home "knowing" who is getting the life saving blood as a result of the long hours and miles traveled that Paul and the others put into their work.

It breaks my heart thinking of the many families affected by this.

Not sure how I jumped from Banana Bread to Ft. Hood. The recipe is up on the recipe blog now.

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The Notetaker said...

Yum. We love banana bread around here too! It goes quickly.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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