$15 Credit and Review - CSN

*Due to errors in their system CSN has had to pull the promotion and are working on getting it back up. I was told it could take as long as a couple weeks, but I will keep you posted when the deal is back up!*

When Tyler from CSN contacted me to do a post for them I was a bit leery - I had never been approached before about doing a post and I did a bit of research to check the company out.
I liked everything I saw and agreed to do the post - some tips from their writing team on Buying A New Mattress.

In exchange for posting that for them they very kindly sent me a Memory Foam Topper - we have been wanting one for ages and I have been price checking them at various stores and even though mine was a gift www.csnstores.com carries the best prices I have seen to date!

Before going any further I want to be very, very clear that just because this item was given to me CSN did not "buy" the rights to a good review from me - these opinions are true to myself and my own thoughts about the product and company.

Back to the Memory Foam Topper... I love it. Paul loves it. We are sleeping 100% better now that we have it. Now, we do have a fairly bad mattress, but the Memory Foam topper has given me the best sleep I have had in ages, from the first night I slept on it. If you aren't getting the best nights sleep I would highly recommend you get a Memory Foam Topper for your own bed - I really love getting in bed now as it is so comfortable!
Here is the Memory Foam Topper that we received: Jeffco Fibres Memory Foam Topper .

Now a bit about shopping at CSN.
One of my biggest concerns when shopping for deals online is what will the shipping and handling cost me - so many times a "great deal" isn't such a great deal because of the shipping prices. With CSN a lot of their items include free shipping - and my favorite feature is you can see which items offer free shipping when you are looking at the gallery of images as opposed to having to click each item you are interested in! Saves time and money.

While CSN does not cover shipping expenses should you need to return an item (and, in fact, if you had free shipping on the item sent to you they will deduct that from your return too) they do have a satisfaction guarantee and they give you 30 days to return the item in its original packaging in the same condition you received the item. Make sure you have researched the item you are planning on buying and know that it is exactly what you want before purchasing and then it won't be an issue that you have to pay return shipping costs!

Each item description includes a spot for people to leave a review of the specific item. From the items I looked at very few of them actually had a review, but it is a nice feature and one that, if people used, would be helpful. However it is very easy to search for product reviews by typing the full item name and "review" into your search bar so the lack of reviews available on the site isn't a very big deal.

CSN carries an enormous selection of items - from luggage to baby toys to pet supplies. They also work hard to make their prices the lowest on the web and encourage you to contact them if you find a place that carries an item cheaper.

Now for the exciting part!
CSN has extended a free $15 credit to their online store for any item of your choosing - you can get an item that is on your Christmas gift list, a serving dish that you need for your holiday meal, some new towels for your overnights guests or simply a special treat for yourself. There is no minimum purchase required and this is valid for Canadian residents too!

To get the credit CLICK HERE and fill out a simple form and start shopping! Remember to come back and share what item you picked out - I would love to know!
Happy shopping


Joely said...

Thanks for posting this!! Can't wait to use it!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Guess I clicked on the link too late. :(

MomLaur83 said...

Me too, no longer accepting! :0(

Jessica Morris said...

I'll try to figure out what's going on - so check back maybe tomorrow ladies to see if it will work for you!

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